Strong Ankle Loop Resistance Bands

Loop bands are a great training tool which are gaining popularity in the health and fitness industry. They are used extensively in elite sport by professional athletes to activate and strengthen muscles. A lightweight and versatile product which when used correctly can aid postural and structural balance of major muscle groups. Activating 'sleeping' muscles is one popular use of loop bands. Small muscles can often be bullied by larger groups of muscles, which can have a knock-on effect on movement, muscular and postural balance, control and stability. For example, the larger quadriceps & Hamstrings can bully the smaller gluteus maximus preventing it from effectively doing its job to stabilize the knee, hip and foot. In addition to activating muscles, loop bands can be used to add additional resistance to exercises in order to improve strength, muscular endurance and postural balance.


· Improve muscle balance, control and stability by waking up sleeping/under active muscles.

· Increase movement quality by improving muscle activation patterns.

· Safeguard against injury by improving the strength and activation of stabilizing muscles during movement.


· Overload exercises to increase the exercises resistance and increase the training stimulus.

· Alter the length and tension on the band to create more or less resistance as desired.

· Change the band color (resistance level) to alter intensity of each exercise.